Toolkit Themes

Toolkit Themes

As a European dance leadership project, Léim addressed the multi-faceted nature of international working. Whilst Modules A and B emphasised training and development, Module C encouraged participants to reflect on their experiences with partner institutions, and to research, develop and initiate new models of practice. The objective was to explore structures to support dance development, production and programming in an international context.

In developing these structures, four strands of activity were identified, each addressing a key area of delivery in international projects.

1. Producing:
Researching, developing and producing a performance work, or festival etc. The focus is on creating the context for professional practice to be presented to the public.

Léim Module C example: Mind Your Step

2. Curating:
Research driven, this strand explores how dance can be curated across multiple platforms, contexts, cultures etc. It focuses on art, artist development, and developing and extending dance practice and participation.

Léim Module C example: TABI

3. Sharing:
Focusing on audience development, activities under this strand explore how dance is communicated. This could include communication through writing, building networks, interdisciplinarity, or creating projects that encourage a new engagement with dance and movement.

Léim Module C example: Walk Me

4. Developing:
A cross-cutting theme for Léim, this strand considers the management, communications, and ongoing research and development of the projects. It also reflects the learning and development of both partners and participants in relation to the aims and objectives of the Léim project.

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