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Sheila Creevey: Module B Dublin Part 2 / Dublin Dance Festival

Author: Sheila Creevey Photo: Tundra by Emma Martin Dance Photographer: Ros Kavanagh Module B has offered me the opportunity to investigate further the current trends in dance support and development; including European networks and projects, support for artists, and infrastructural and policy needs. Building on the first part of my “home” placement with Dance Ireland in February, […]

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Maria Kirchhoff: Module B placement in Dance House Lemesos

Author: Maria Kirchhoff “The Dance House Lemesos is the first space in Cyprus entirely devoted to the support, promotion and development of professional contemporary dance and performance practice in Cyprus. Stegi (Dance House Lemesos) is a consequence of the rapid development of contemporary dance/performance the last few years in Cyprus and especially in the city […]

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Giulia Galvan: Sounds from my Bassano del Grappa Léim placement

Author: Giulia Galvan My Bassano placement at the CSC Casa della danza involved the extraordinary opportunity to attend a workshop on how to create an audio-documentary with Dany Mitzman. While my workshop colleagues and I are finalising the documentary we created about the project Dance & Health with Parkinson, I wish to share some sounds I […]

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Natalia Alvarez: Module B placement in Mercat de les Flors

Author: Natalia Alvarez My placement in the Mercat was through the Project entitled Mov-s. Mov-s is a space for international exchange in the world of dance and movement arts, and celebrated its first edition in April 2007, in Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona). Mov-s aims to build bridges between the artists and dance organisations in order […]

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Marcel Bassachs: Module B Placement in Dublin

Author: Marcel Bassachs My placement at Dance Ireland’s DanceHouse (Ireland) follows my first placement at Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (Spain) and as a reference, is the second part of Module B for the Léim project. Research was directed and supervised by Paul Johnson, Chief Executive of DanceHouse. I divided my research into 3 sections. The first […]

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Natalia Alvarez: Module B placement in Tanzhaus nrw

Author: Natalia Alvarez I was in Tanzhaus in Düsseldorf for my second placement. It was from 11 to 18 May. My priority was to learn about the artistic program there. That is why my planning had been divided into two parts. One focused on meeting the artistic program chief; and the other focused on meeting choreographers […]

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Giulia Galvan: Module B placement in Dublin

Author: Giulia Galvan The beginning of my spring this year was marked by my Léim placement in Dublin. This was my second time in the beautiful Irish capital, after last year’s Léim session in July. I had the opportunity to work with choreographer Catherine Young as assistant dramaturge. These were the last days of research and […]

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Sheila Creevey: Module B Exploring Artist Development

Author: Sheila Creevey Central to the role of a European dance house is the support and development of artists and new work. My first placement for Module B of Léim was with my partner organisation Dance Ireland, and this was an opportunity for me to explore in more detail the services and supports offered to […]

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Connecting the dots… in Düsseldorf

Author Sheila Creevey The Léim training session in Düsseldorf (03 to 07 September 2013) was proposed as an exploration of “Leadership in an Open Context”. Our initial meeting was hosted by Bertram Müller (Tanzhaus NRW, Dusseldorf) and Francesc Casadesus (Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona), in which they outlined the skills and knowledge they consider important in a European dance […]

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Tanzhaus NRW – Big thinking time

Author: Giulia Galvan Over one month between Düsseldorf and Barcelona, and we already miss our Léim time together. This is a moment we can use to reflect upon what we have experienced so far. The momentous question which arose in Düsseldorf, spurred by Bertram Müller, was about identity and identification. We should start thinking as if we […]

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Bassano del Grappa

Author, Natalia Álvarez Simo In welcome, the director of the OperaState festival explained the direction their work was taking. Each day we worked on different issues. The Festival was celebrating its 33rd edition with over 300 evening shows in different venues in the Veneto region. Artist from all over the world, with different styles from avant-garde […]

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