Walk Me

An intervention in a space, in order to create new experiences for the body. “How often do we notice the spaces we inhabit – the towns we live in; the shopping malls we browse? How do these structured spaces impact our activities, our routines, our movement? In an effort to raise awareness of the significance of these physical interactions on our bodies, and in turn, our health and creativity, the project invited the public to take another look at the structure of the spaces they use. Reconsider what is normal, and think more about what is natural. What if the stairs weren’t stairs, but slides? What if the ground was never flat or if we had suspension bridges in our shopping malls instead of wide corridors?  What if we saw the world as a playground?

The installation project ran from 26 February to 1 March 2015 and was programmed as part of the IDN Festival.

Léim Team:
Maria Philippou (Cyprus), Sheila Creevey (Ireland), Natalia Alvarez Simó (Spain); Choreographer: Helena Lizari; Architect: Constantinos Kiprianou; Interactive Designer: David Dalmazzo

Hosting Partner: Mercat de les Flors (ES)

Mentor: Núria Font (ES)

Choreographer: Helena Lizari

Architect: Constantinos Kiprianou

Interactive Designer: David Dalmazzo

Walk Me Project Page

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