Léim Live

Meeting at Dance Ireland in Dublin in July 2013 – Let’s get started!

Author, Isabell Büchler
Image, Marcel Bassachs Birosta

Our first meeting took place at Dance Ireland in Dublin in July 2013. The meeting was the official start of the Léim project and the first gathering of the participants. We hadn’t met before.

We all arrived with expectations, motivated and with a package of curiosity and also uncertainty: whom are we going to meet and work with? What will we experience – together in the group and also for ourselves? Where will the “Léim” journey take us?

After the first encounter and cordial welcome by the project leader Dance Ireland, its team and our project coordinator Elisabetta Bisaro, the initial uncertainty was blown away. The diversity of the group and the different backgrounds and experiences of the participants are promising and an important base for the Léim project.

The overall topic for the meeting in Dublin was “Communication and Audiences”. The “communication” part was important for this meeting, as it also meant communicating our experiences, backgrounds, interests, motivations and expectations towards each other.
During the following days we dived into “Léim”, experienced the group and got familiar with the project “Léim” and its intentions through the different programme formats, such as interviews, working groups, group discussions, lectures and talks with several experts, guided tours, etc.

The project and the intense exchange between the participants started!
I am sure we all could answer one (or even more) question(s) we had at the beginning: The curiosity has grown and no matter where the “Léim” journey will take us, it is definitely worth taking it with the group and its great people and partners!

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